Film Director Work

Crescendo [2013] (Directed and Edited by Austin Gatus)
Crescendo is about the empowerment and influence music and performing arts has on our youth and how it can benefit our futures. This film offers viewpoints from teachers, students and professional musicians.
Musical Warrior [2011] (Directed by Angel Gatus, Co-directed and edited by Austin Gatus)

Winner of the 2011 Adobe, PBS, POV Project Voicescape Audience Award

Two lives, Austin and Marlon, one gifted in music, the other basketball, the tragedy of both having their talents put on hold due to childhood cancer lead to chance encounter by the “Ambassador”, Marlon, of the oncology unit at Rady Children’s Hospital. A friendship is formed, that will last forever, although Marlon’s life is cut short. Inspiration and recognition of Austin’s music, even while in treatment, leads to opportunities to become the musical “Ambassador” for the hospital, as he lends his talents to benefit performances and the opening of the new Auxiliary building at Children’s Hospital. Marlon’s one wish of not being forgotten is granted by “Marlon’s Court” a lasting memorial at the hospital to be enjoyed by all inpatient children. Austin’s musical talents continue to grow and he continues to give back.