Composer Portfolio

Orchestral Compositions

One Of Us (Discovery) [2020]
First Date (Saxophone and Strings) [2020]
Personal Legend (Adventure/Fantasy) [2020]
Rat Chase (Chase Scene) [2020]
Michaela’s Theme (Love Theme) [2020]
Together We Rise (Inspirational) [2020]

Music to Picture

Pickled (Excerpt) [2020]
Music by Austin Gatus
Directed by Jingyu Zhang
Caminandes 3 – Llamigos (Rescore for the IFM Contest) [2020]
Music rescored by Austin Gatus
*Recognized Finalist
Ratatouille Chase Scene (Rescore) [2020]
Music rescored by Austin Gatus
Sound design reworked by Austin Gatus

Musical Theatre

Para Sa’yo Orchestral Overture [2019]
Music composed and arranged by Austin Gatus

Para Sa’yo Musical Highlights [2019]
Music and Lyrics by Austin Gatus for UCLA’s 42nd Samahang Pilipino Cultural Night